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We provide a guarantee for all our chimney sweep, chimney repairs, and our team members possess extensive experience and expertise in installing, repairing, and maintaining chimneys throughout Kensington and Chelsea.

Chimney Flaunching Repair & Replacement

Chimney flaunching, also called “benching”, pertains to the robust mortar mixture that secures your chimney pots firmly. Its function is to provide a durable waterproof shield, which ensures that your chimney and home interior stay dry.

We have years of experience working on roofs and chimneys, so you can trust us to fix any issues you have, including maintaining and restoring the flaunching.

Our Chimney Sweep, Repair & Installation Services

At Roofers Kensington, we provide a full range of chimney refurbishment services that help maintain the functionality and aesthetics of your chimney and roof. Our chimney sweep services ensure that your chimney remains clean and functional. Additionally, our comprehensive range of refurbishment services includes chimney pot repairs and refurbishment, flue cleanings, chimney lining, and more. Trust us to provide efficient and reliable solutions that meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations. 

Chimney Installation

As a roofing service provider in Kensington and Chelsea, we are fully certified and insured. Our team of experienced roofing and chimney installation contractors possess the expertise and proficiency to deliver flawless chimney services every time. Our previous clients have recommended us, and you can find numerous positive five-star reviews about us on the internet. At Roofers Kensington roofing company, we ensure complete transparency and eliminate any hidden costs. We only utilize the best quality materials and provide work that is consistently completed to the highest standards and always on time.

Chimney Repair and Maintenance

Our team of Chimney Repair and Maintenance Experts boasts years of experience handling brick, stone, and stucco chimneys for our clients. Whether it's a simple repair and maintenance task or chimney sweep or a complex job that other companies cannot handle, we are equipped to handle it all. We can complete most chimney repairs within a day, but some projects may require additional time depending on the level of difficulty. Rest assured, we will provide you with an accurate timeframe for your project. All at a pocket friendly price. Give us a call and one of our expert should provide you a free quote.

Chimney Lead Work and Flashing

Our roofing company employs skilled and experienced lead workers and roofers who are proficient in handling all kinds of roofing repairs, including lead work flashing repairs. Apart from addressing the immediate issue, we prioritize the long-term integrity of your roofing system. As a professional roofing company, we will assess your property for any other potential roofing issues that may arise in the future and provide you with necessary information to make informed decisions regarding the maintenance and repair of your roofing system. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need our services.

Chimney Pots

Chimney pots, like any other component of your house, can deteriorate over time and require replacement. Furthermore, they may crack or suffer damage as a result of chimney fires, which may go unnoticed by homeowners. Kensington Roofers provides complete Chimney Pot Installation, Repair, and Maintenance services throughout Kensington and Chelsea. If you think that your chimney pot is damaged, we can evaluate the situation quickly and provide effective solutions using our knowledge, expertise, and cutting-edge equipment. Contact us right away to ensure that your fireplace is in good working order.

Chimney Removal Service

If you need a Chimney Removal expert, don't hesitate to call Roofers Kensington right away. Our team of experts is ready to assist you with any problems concerning the removal or replacement of an old chimney on your home. We have skilled chimney tradesmen who have the knowledge and experience needed to safely remove or replace chimneys while causing the least amount of disturbance to your property. So, whether you want your old chimney removed or rebuilt, we can help. Contact us immediately for dependable chimney removal services at an affordable price.

Chimney Refurbishment​

We specialise in chimney and roofing services, and one of our popular offerings is chimney refurbishment. With our extensive experience in the industry, we can refurbish chimneys of all ages and styles, ensuring their longevity. Given that your chimney is the most exposed part of your home, it is particularly susceptible to weather damage. Regular maintenance can help maintain its condition, but if it has been neglected for an extended period, it may require major repairs. We can help address any issues and provide the necessary work to restore your chimney to its optimal condition.

Chimney Sweep & Repair FAQ's:

How much does it cost to check a chimney UK?

The typical cost for chimney sweeping ranges from £50 to £80. However, if you need to sweep an open fire, the average expense would be around £60 to £100, while cleaning a lined stove is expected to cost between £80 to £120.

Are you allowed to sweep your own chimney UK?

If you wish to have your chimney swept, it is necessary to employ the services of a chimney sweeper who is affiliated with a recognized chimney sweeping association such as the Institute Of Chimney Sweeps. Only certified sweepers can issue the required certificates, and attempting to clean the chimney on your own may not suffice, possibly invalidating your insurance policy.

How long does it take to sweep a chimney UK?

On average, chimney sweeping takes around 30 minutes per chimney, although it may occasionally take longer. If there is a blockage, such as a bird's nest, the process may take more time to clear due to the increased amount of debris that needs to be removed.

How much does a full chimney removal cost UK?

Here is the cost for different chimney removal service.


Job DescriptionAverage Cost
Remove chimney stack alone£1200-£1400
Remove ground floor chimney breast£1500-£1750
Remove first-floor chimney breast£1750-£2000
Remove chimney breast entirely without the stack£2200-£2400
Remove entire chimney breast and stack£3000-£3500
What is a common chimney problem?

Several typical issues that can arise with chimneys include blockages, creosote buildup, brickwork damage, problems with the chimney crown and cap, and cracks in the flue.

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