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Roofers Kensington is proud to be the best roofing company in Kensington. We have been installing, fixing, maintaining, and cleaning roofs for both homes and businesses for over 15 years. Our team of pros has everything they need to do any job on a roof, even big repairs.

Our team comprises fully trained roofing professionals who are equipped to work on all types of roofs, including tiled, slate, felt, flat, and lead roofs. As a fully accredited and insured company, we guarantee 100% satisfaction for all our clients

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At times, a simple repair may suffice, and we always provide an honest opinion on what is necessary to optimize your roof repairs and our services. We perform a thorough check of the roofing structure and overall condition of your property’s roof. Our estimates for roofing work are free, and there is no obligation to hire us.

Our reputation precedes us, having been built on our commitment to delivering the highest standards and exceeding our clients’ expectations. We are friendly, conscientious, tidy, reliable, and, most importantly, trustworthy.

If you need any roof repairs, don’t hesitate to contact Roofers Kensington today. We offer free, no-obligation quotes, and our services are unmatched in quality and affordability.

Kensington Roof Repairs Services

Ridge Tile Repairs

Ridge tiles play a crucial role in keeping rain out at the roof's peak and edges. If you need repairs, don't attempt them yourself. Call your trusted local roofing professionals. Ridge tiles come in angular or 1/2 round shapes, and modern ones can be nailed or snapped into place. Proper replacement requires removing the old tile and cement, mixing strong cement, and ensuring the new tile is level and well-bedded. This is not a job for amateurs, so contact us for expert service. We have a stellar reputation with over 70 great reviews online and offer free inspections and estimates.

Broken Roof Tiles

Weather and other factors can cause damage to your roof over time, such as debris, moss, or birds. Even high winds or falling tree branches can result in broken or shifted tiles, leading to potential leaks and expensive repairs. It's important to address these issues promptly, but climbing on a sloping roof can be dangerous, so it's best to hire a professional with proper equipment and insurance. Roofers Kensington offers reliable, fully insured services for residential and commercial properties, including tile replacement, inspections, and repairs.

Water Damage Roof Repairs

If you suspect a leaky roof, contact Roofers Kensington for a free inspection. With over 10 years of experience, we are experts in water damage roof repairs and dedicated to providing quick and efficient service to ensure a dry home for our customers. Roofers Kensington provides high-quality roofing services for both residential and commercial properties in the Kensington and Chelsea area, with over 10 years of experience. Our fully qualified and passionate staff are committed to giving customers the best service, and we offer free quotes, guaranteed work, and full insurance. Contact us as soon as possible if you suspect water damage to your roof.

Ice Damage Roof Repair

Ice damage can occur no matter how well you take care of your roof. Heat from inside your home can build up, causing the snow on your roof to melt. If the temperature outside is cold enough, this water will run down near the edge of the roof and freeze, creating what is called an ice dam. Roofers Kensington offers expert roofing services including repairs, servicing, and replacements. Our skilled team is available to handle any roofing project, no matter how challenging. We provide free estimates and are committed to customer satisfaction. Contact us today so one of our roofers can quote a free estimate for you.

Fire Damage Roof Repairs

Roofers Kensington specializes in exceptional Fire Damage Roof Repair services, ensuring that your repaired roof will look as good as before and be fit for purpose. With years of experience, top equipment, and a dedication to customer satisfaction, we are the perfect contractors to assist you. Fires can cause varying degrees of damage to a house, including severe damage to the roof. It's important to ensure that the roof is in perfect condition to protect you and your belongings from the elements, wildlife, and debris, as well as supporting the structure. Roofers Kensington offers Fire Damage Roof Repair to help you quickly restore your home and make it a safe place for you and your family.

Wind Damage Roof Repairs

High winds can cause damage that should be repaired straight away. Wind-damaged roofing tiles may not cause a problem for months or years, but it is wise to have them inspected as soon as possible to ascertain any damage discuss what repairs are required. No matter what Mother Nature throws your way, Roofers Kensington’s residential roofing services can provide peace of mind and help protect your home against the elements. Prompt repair of wind-damaged roofing tiles is crucial, even if the damage may not cause problems for months or years. Contact Roofers Kensington for residential roofing services that offer peace of mind and protect your home against the elements.

Why Choose Us?

Our approach at Roofers Kensington Roofing is characterized by both promptness and amiability. Our commitment to completing every project within the designated timeline and budget is unwavering. Additionally, our team of skilled roofers will furnish regular progress updates to keep our clients informed and assured throughout the duration of the project. This ensures that our clients remain fully apprised of the work being done and can approach the process with confidence. You'll always be in the loop with us.

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